Market Volatility Expected Ahead of Singapore Summit

On Tuesday, June 12, at 1.00 AM GMT, Donald Trump, President of the United, and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un will a have a summit regarding the denuclearization and permanent peace on the Korean Peninsula.

Announcements that North Korea will cease operations of its nuclear program could result in a significant positive impact on South Korean and Japanese markets. As a result, it could strengthen the Won and weaken the Yen. Reducing the risks of a nuclear conflict could also have a positive impact on global markets as a whole.

If an agreement is not reached, or the meeting is canceled at the last moment, it is very likely that the markets will react negatively, raising the demand for safe assets.

If an agreement is met may investors will see this as a positive result which will result in modest optimism in the respective markets.

This event is expected to cause much volatility in the financial markets. This may lead to wider spreads across numerous trading instruments, while any sharp market movements may trigger Stop-Outs. For this reason we strongly advise you to monitor any open positions that you may have and ensure that you have enough margin in your trading account(s) to protect your positions.