FxPro Trading Conditions during the 2017 UK General Election

The 2017 UK General Election will be held on Thursday, June 8, 2017, and is expected to cause significant volatility in the financial markets, with wider spreads expected across several instruments.

We would like to inform our traders that the margin requirements of the below instruments on FxPro MT4 and FxPro MT5 will change as follows:

Instrument Margin Required
European Spot Indices 2%

This change will come into effect on Thursday, June 08, 2017, at 10:00a.m. UK Time (GMT+1) and will affect both new and existing positions.

  • While we make all possible efforts to keep spreads at a minimum, please note that wider spreads are expected.
  • Prior to and in the aftermath of the election, FxPro reserves the right to allow fixed spreads to float to reflect underlying market conditions.
  • In case of extreme volatility and illiquidity, FxPro reserves the right to refuse the opening of new positions, enabling ‘Close Only’ functionality.

Please note that, should market conditions deem it necessary, FxPro reserves the right to make additional changes to our trading conditions in the days prior to and after the UK General Election.

We strongly advise you to monitor any open positions that you may have and visit the FxPro Blog frequently for any important updates. We shall also be notifying you via email, should any other changes to the current margin requirements come into effect.