Latest FxPro MT4 WebTrader Updates


Multicharts allows you to open up to 4 consecutive charts at once in a tile view or up to 10 charts in the standard tab view.

Tile View


Tab View


To switch between the views when more than one chart is open simply use the square icons located at the top right of the chart. The double square icon represents tile view and the single square icon represents the tab view. The add new chart option will appear in both views via the plus (+). Charts can be closed as normal via the cross (X) either directly on the chart or via the a tab.


The multicharts tile view and tab view icon options are also available in the drawing tools.


You can open and close orders directly on any of the charts as each is considered a separate unit.

User settings

In the following scenarios settings are saved for each individual chart. When a user logs out or changes their account from the switcher these settings will be remembered for when the user returns:

  • Charts of the same currency
  • Charts opened with different timeframes
  • Chart type
  • Charts of a different currency
  • Charts with drawing tools applied
  • Charts with indicators applied
  • Orders created per chart and the position line displaying the TP/SL, ticket ID, lot size, profit and PnL in pips

The clear drawing tool has replaced the themes icon as themes can no longer be applied. This can be used on each individual chart.


Account settings will continue to be applied on a global account level and not per chart.


In this release we have included realtime news with advanced filters. The news can be accessed on the price ticker and is an additional tab next to favourites.


Important note

Current chart settings will be reset due to the release as these are now being stored in a different way.

Minor Bug Fixes

  • TP/SL with 4 digits cannot be set on chart bug fix
  • Pending orders appearing in the open positions bug fix
  • Trend lines now apply on a chart even when the timeframe has been changed
  • Firefox pending order expiration date and time bug fix
  • Enhancements on the chart positions lines when TP/SL is applied/modified