FxPro MasterCard has Launched


We are pleased to announce the launch of FxPro MasterCard, a prepaid MasterCard that is connected to your FxPro Vault, allowing you to transfer funds to and from your FxPro accounts with ease. This new service is part of our ongoing commitment to help our clients fully integrate their trading activities with their lifestyles. With FxPro MasterCard you now have another way to make deposits and withdrawals, making your trading funds easily accessible.  You can use FxPro MasterCard to pay for goods and services globally, wherever MasterCard is accepted, as well as to withdraw cash from all ATMs bearing the MasterCard logo.

FxPro Infinite Card

Since completing our transition to the agency model our primary focus has been to offer the best FX related tools and services in the industry. We invest heavily in meeting the needs of our clients and strive to add genuine value in a crowded market place. FxPro MasterCard is yet another step in this direction. You can expect many more to come. 

This service has now been discontinued.