The FxPro Analyst Team

US GDP data expected to remain in line with previous data

At 08:00 GMT, The ECB will release its Economic Bulletin revealing the data used by the governing council while making the latest interest rate decision. It also provides a detailed analysis of the current and future economic conditions in the bloc. EUR pairs can move in reaction to this event.

At 09:00 GMT, The Eurozone Business Climate data will be released with an expectation for 1.40 against a previous reading of 1.45. EUR pairs could be impacted as a result.

At 12:00 GMT, German Harmonised Index of Consumer Prices (YoY) (Jun) is expected to come in at 2.1% against a prior reading of 2.2%. This data is expected to slip under the previous reading on a yearly basis after it performed well with its rise from the May reading of 1.4%. EUR crosses can be moved by this data.


At 13:30 GMT, US Gross Domestic Product Annualized (Q1) data will be out, with the headline number expected to be 2.2% from a previous 2.2%. Gross Domestic Product Price Index (Q1) data is expected to be 1.9% from a previous 1.9%. Also at this time Core Personal Consumption Expenditures (QoQ) (Q1) are expected to be 2.3% from a prior 2.3% reading from Q4. Personal Consumption Expenditure Prices (QoQ) (Q1) are expected to be 2.6% from a previous 2.6%.


Initial Jobless Claims (Jun 22) are expected to come in at 220K from 218K previously. Continuing Jobless Claims (Jun 15) are expected to be 1.725M from a prior 1.723M. USD crosses can see moves as traders take Dollar positions in reaction to the numbers released.


At 13:30 GMT, MPC Member Haldane is due to speak about productivity growth at the Academy of Social Sciences Annual Lecture, in London. Comments may result in moves in GBP crosses.

At 14:45 GMT, US Fed’s Bullard is due to speak at a scheduled event. USD pairs can be impacted as a result of comments made during this time.

At 20:00 GMT, FOMC Member Bostic is due to speak about affordable housing and jobs at the Centre for Working Families, in Atlanta. Comments made can result in moves in USD pairs.