FxPro Forex Analysis: Bank of Japan goes negative

There was plenty of speculation in the run to last night’s BOJ meeting that they would ease further and even though only a week ago the BOJ governor Kuroda suggested in Davos that further easing was on the cards, a move to negative rates was not expected. Understandably this caused some wild swings in the yen which weakened with USDJPY moving back above 120 and the Nikkei which strengthened. Other evidence of a weak Japanese economy came earlier in the week in the form of poor trade data and so ...


FxPro Forex Analysis: Fed’s mixed signals

The recovery in risk assets was rather snuffled out after last night’s FOMC meeting which was dovish, but a little less dovish than many had previously hoped for. The reaction from the markets was mixed and unsurprisingly volatile as both equities and the dollar fell, however the greenback has recouped its losses overnight. When you look through these mixed movements what we do know is that since December the economic data has been rather on the soft side, but despite this it’s still likely ...


Margin requirements changes on Spot Indices & Energies

We are writing to inform you of several changes that are being made to our trading specifications. Please be advised that as of Friday, January 29th, we will be introducing dynamic leverage across MT4 and MT5 on Spot Indices, as well as adjusting the current tiers on Spot Energies and Energy Futures. Please press here to view more details on the new specifications of these instruments. Please be aware that these changes will also apply to existing positions, so we would like to advise you to ...


FxPro SuperTrader Updates

We are pleased to inform you that we have implemented new execution technologies that allow the opening and closing prices you receive in your SuperTrader portfolio to completely mirror those of the strategies that you are following. This means that there will no longer be a price difference in execution, including during volatile, high-impact news releases. We are constantly working to improve the platform so as to be able to provide the best possible level of service for our clients. Please ...


FxPro Forex Analysis: Apple gives Fed food for thought

All eyes will be back on the Federal Reserve today as they make their first interest rate decision and monetary policy statement of the year but there are no economic projections or press conference this time round, which come at the next meeting in March. We’ve seen a rise in risk appetite in this final week of January which so far has been a bit of a blood bath, although the recovery from lows in many indices has softened the blow for many investors. This has come as a result of a bounce in ...


FxPro Forex Analysis: Here we go again

The market’s ability to reverse any risk appetite at the moment indicates that we are not at the bottom yet of the current downward spiral. Chinese indices are 6% lower overnight, Japanese over 2% in the red and oil is back below 30 bucks a barrel. Volatility has been rising throughout the year so far but we’re still someway off the big spike in the Vix (volatility index or ‘fear gauge’) last August and so there’s potential for moves in markets to get even more dramatic. The week builds up from ...

Charalambos Psimolophitis

FX-MM Editor’s interview with Mr Psimolophitis

Charalambos Psimolophitis, CEO FxPro, tells FX-MM editor Peter Garnham how aligning itself with the goals of its clients is paying off for the FX broker and how technology is driving its rise to the top of the industry. The world is changing fast, and traders are increasingly able to take disruption in their stride according to Psimolophitis. In fact, he says, it is not just in the financial markets that we see that phenomenon, but in life more broadly as technology advances and the dynamics of ...


FxPro Forex Analysis: Crude recovery

Today marks the first Monday in 2016 where we’ve seen gains for Asian indices and this is due to rub off on European markets that are looking to add to the bounce from the end of last week. The risk appetite has been seen markedly in commodity markets where crude prices are enjoying their biggest two day rally in seven years with Brent and Nymex firmly back above the $30 a barrel mark. This is causing a considerable squeeze on the short sellers and there could be further strength to come as we ...


Margin requirement for RUB pairs

Please be advised that due to the increased volatility seen across all Ruble (RUB) pairs in recent weeks, we will be increasing the margin requirement for all RUB pairs to 10%. The new margin requirements will take effect from 10:00 (server time) January 25th. New positions will be affected only. Do not hesitate to contact us if you require any further assistance.