FxPro Forex Analysis: Bad dollar deal

The agreement made in Washington to avert the fiscal cliff and re-open the government is a bad one for the dollar for four main reasons. Firstly and most obviously, the uncertainty has not been removed, just pushed a few months down the road, with the borrowing authority extended to early February and the budget lasting to mid-January. The honeymoon period will be short, if indeed there is one, before the negotiations and demands start again. Secondly, no deal made under such pressure and so ...

Charalambos Psimolophitis

Some Thoughts on the Eve of FxPro’s SuperTrader Launch.

A Brief History Our industry owes everything to the online revolution. Without it retail Forex would be exactly where it was in the early 80s: nowhere. But for us at FxPro the Internet is much more than just the network of cables that allows us to do business, for us it’s an attitude and an ethos that informs everything we do. If the influence of information technology were to be boiled down to one great trend, it would have to be a levelling of the playing field. Nowhere is this more visible ...


14-18 Oct Weekly Brief


FxPro Forex Analysis: Explaining Aussie resilience

As we continue to wait for a resolution of the US debt ceiling and budget situation, it’s worth trying to make sense of the Aussie. It’s a question worth asking because it’s not behaved in the way many had expected, in other words falling as we approached a ‘risk-off’ event. We’ve done a lot to try to move the debate forward from risk-on/risk-off. During that period of high asset class correlations, it would have been very remarkable to have a situation when the yen was outperforming on the ...


FxPro Forex Analysis: Golden beating coming to an end

If you want to stretch definitions (just a little) then gold has been the biggest underperforming currency in the up to and during the US government shutdown and debt ceiling debacle. The downtrend through both September and early October is pretty unique in as much that it’s not repeated in any other major currency or asset class. Why’s this the case? In summary, this is part of a bigger picture for gold, which I’ve written about previously (see “Far from over for gold” and “Good times over ...


08 Oct – FxPro Weekly Briefing