FxPro Forex Analysis: Golden Rules Gone

Even before the tumble in the price at the end of last week, things were not looking good for gold. Before this year, the multi-year bull market (rising in dollar terms every year from 2001 to 2012) defied the credit crisis and the subsequent period of patchy global recovery and central bank quantitative easing. This increased the perception that gold could survive anything and the good times would continue. But it also created a false sense of security for gold bulls and that’s now increased, ...


FxPro Forex Analysis: Delivering in Japan

There’s no doubting that the Bank of Japan delivered over and above what was expected. But the two questions to explore are will the policy announcements be enough to deliver 2% inflation on their imposed 2 year horizon and what will be the impact on the currency? On the inflation ambition, it’s a tall order and there are two elements to the answer. The first is the transmission mechanism, the second is the reaction of the different sectors of the economy (firms, households, government). On the ...