Denis Sukhotin

Why Negative Balance Protection is so Important

The recent CHF debacle has been quite instructive for a number of reasons. We all agree that low volatility is a bad thing in retail forex, but too much of it can be catastrophic. However, it’s precisely when the markets stray from that comfortable middle ground that we get a unique insight as to who’s who in this industry. The confusing acronyms and contradictory marketing copy fall away and we see brokers through their actions. This is exactly what happened in January when the SNB removed its ...

Denis Sukhotin

Want it done? Do it yourself.

Recently we announced our acquisition of spot FX aggregator Quotix, a company that has been on our radar for quite some time. We have been known to work with other tech companies in the past, normally in an advisory capacity, but this is the first time that we have taken the plunge and decided to take one on board. It’s a big move for us, but also the next logical step on the path that we have been pursuing, especially since transitioning to an FX Agency Model of order execution in 2012. There ...

Denis Sukhotin

Game Over

  It has been over a decade since foreign exchange showed the first signs of gaining wider attention as an asset class in its own right. Even though this change in attitudes coincides roughly with the rapid growth of the online forex industry, I think the connection between the two are incidental, both having taken place amidst far greater changes that have fundamentally altered our economic horizons. A number of contributing factors; economic, technological and cultural, have played a ...